Monthly Cosplay: Valentine’s Day Trixie Tang

With the month being February, I, of course, wanted to make my cosplay Valentine’s Day-related. I wanted to do something simple, since I spent a little more on my previous and next cosplays, but I’ve also wanted to do Trixie Tang from The Fairy Odd Parents for the longest time—so I thought she was perfect and could easily be manipulated to the theme. Copied from Google, “Trixie Tang is the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary School. She is basically and usually depicted as a typical spoiled brat, a vain braggart who likes to flaunt her outer beauty and riches.”

Getting her outfit together was pretty easy; I already had a white skirt from when I cosplayed as Jessie from Team Rocket/Pokemon. Her turtleneck was the only thing I had to buy as well as her matching headband—both which make her look iconic, apart from her long hair.

Although the outfit is simple, I think what really makes it pop is the color. Purple itself is such an interesting color; Trixie wears a lighter shade of it, but otherwise, it’s typically grouped with the darks. A lot of the Disney villains are associated with it: the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Ursula, Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, Randall from Monsters Inc. Other characters that come to mind are The Joker, Waluigi, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Raven from Teen Titans. These characters aren’t always necessarily “bad”—”misunderstood” can be another possible term, but I don’t like to think of it in a negative way, because they also own it. They are unique, and have their own quirks and style that make them just as notable as the main characters, who are typically defined by colors such as red, blue, or yellow.

I think that’s also why it was so fun and easy for me to shoot her—the colors help accentuate her demanding personality, and it’s always nice to play “the popular girl.” I genuinely felt that I could relate to her a lot. I can be a bigheaded sometimes, I like to be complimented constantly to make up for my insecurities, I’m overly dramatic at random moments—I thought of it to be more like big Leo energy (which I also have), than the annoying little kid stereotype. For my take on her, I also considered that she’d be an ABG (Asian Baby Girl), so I added on falsies and toyed with the idea of boba and designer items, which really helped put me in the mindset.

This was my biggest inspiration and reference photo when brainstorming. I really wanted to get a shot of her sitting down and picking flowers with a bunch of other petals surrounding her, maybe with chocolate hearts and Valentine cards or even designer items—and in my head it worked, but the actual process of decorating and trying to frame it was hard because I had such a small space to shoot. I ended up giving up and doing a bunch of standing poses with my props instead.

Along with this photoset, I didn’t do something cool as make a dance video, like what I did for Punchline, but I’ve been wanting to have reels on my Instagram page for a while now (which is the literal equivalent for TikToks; I’ve just heard you get a better audience with IG). For someone like Trixie, I didn’t think something like voice overs would do her justice, because I didn’t think people would get it unless I did a duo with someone who cosplayed as Timmy… Rather, I think Trixie would be more into fashion, so I did my own version of the #CouldntWearIt Challenge, which I know was more popular in 2020 when we first went through the lockdown stages of COVID, but I think it can still apply now 🙂

I kept the headband idea in play, because like I said, her hair is also what makes her image iconic, so although the outfit may change to something similar or more fancy than her normal wear, you could still see the signature of “Trixie.” I also added a sneak peak of a future cosplay!

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