MULAN (also stylized as M U L A N) is a Chicago-based writer, editor, performer, and model/cosplayer.

Although she enjoys many hobbies, MULAN’s main passion lies within writing. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May 2020 with a major in Fiction, having been published four times while studying there. Her first publication was during her Sophomore year for an online journal called The Vignette Review. Her flash fiction piece, “Zemblanity,” was about a girl leaving her high school lover through a set of song lyrics. While she is known for her short stories, MULAN considers herself a novelist and is currently working on three. She switches between fiction and nonfiction, but her themes usually consist of the same: beauty standards, mental illness, alcoholism, toxic family cycles, what it means to be an Asian woman, and her fascination of both love and heartbreak.
She has been a Featured Reader for multiple Columbia Open Mics, and was a guest speaker in Don DeGrazia’s Writing Panel. She also served as an acquisitions and production editor for Columbia’s award-winning student anthology, Hair Trigger.

Because Columbia College Chicago is notorious for film and photography, MULAN had the privilege of working in many projects and starring in various short films. She also began cosplaying and attending car shows during this time, and collaborated with photographers outside of campus. Her photos have appeared in publications such as Hair Trigger and Cosplay Realm Magazine. She was also a contestant for Miss HIN Chicago 2018.

MULAN’s love for dancing started in 2013 after watching a Girls’ Generation music video. Her passion grew the more she discovered other Kpop groups, the hip-hop scene via Columbia’s B-Series, and by taking dance classes. She was in a group called Z-2020, and has performed alongside other fellow Chicago artists such as K.E.N., Eddie Supa, and Freejay. MULAN was also a backup dancer in Singaporean artist Ysa’s music video Softly.