Monthly Cosplay: Playboy x Wonder Woman

With Easter this month, I knew I wanted to have a theme of “bunny.”

I had shot Wonder Woman around the holidays, but I wanted to make more use of the “OG” costume, which fit like a jumpsuit—bathing suit, even. The leotard style made me think of the classic Playboy outfits, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shoot a related concept.

For the longest time, I was hesitant because I don’t have the newer look of Diana that a lot of other cosplayers do, but to be honest, I actually really like the older look. There’s something extremely classy about it, the bombshell aesthetic is pretty iconic for the feminist movement, and I think it goes perfectly with what I was trying to go for.

I got the ears off Etsy, and was debating on the colors for the longest time. I couldn’t tell if I wanted red or blue, or to opt out her headband overall and transfer the design onto the ears instead with the gold color and red stars at the ends. I settled for something simple, as you can see. Diana’s top would match with her heels and lipstick, and you can’t really see it in my photo, but the blue of her suit was meant to match her eyes—I like that the gold is near the top of her head associated with the metal accessories.

My moodboard consisted of bombshell photos from old magazines and Playboy shoots, and it was really fun (but also tiring) trying to reenact them. My biggest influence, however, was my playlist. I had a lot of Ariana Grande; I don’t keep up with her as an artist, but she is definitely a guilty pleasure, and her songs really got me in the mood for feeling a mix between sexy and cute, but more importantly confident.

I hope one day to get Wonder Woman’s newer look with the full armor and skirt, because I genuinely love her and what she stands for. She’s been a hero for me since I was a kid, and I love the empowering feeling I get when I dress as her even now. I’d like to do her justice and further execute that confidence she brings with a more fitting outfit.

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